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The quickest, easiest, most satisfying way to feel confident and deliver faster, better, more efficient results is to master the professional skill set

In order to gain efficient results for your business, you need to master the professional skill set. This can be achieved through effective business and executive coaching. In order to develop executive coaching skills, you need to first identify your weaknesses.

Need Help in any of the following core areas of effectiveness and performance?

1. Do you struggle to know how to be effective, perform at your best and feel confident?

  • We can help. Our executive and leadership coaching will allow you to learn how to deal with any given situation, remove fears, worries, stresses that are holding you back and adopt the skills and strategies needed to make you personally effective.

2. Do you need to learn how to create cooperation, enhance team performance or build on engagement?

  • Our business and executive performance coaching will help you work with difficult people, create a positive, dynamic team to help your team thrive and develop strategies to help you build an area of optimal performance with your team. When you’re confident, your team are too.

3. Do you struggle to build influence, formulate strategies or maximise results?

  • Our tailored program of executive performance coaching will help you develop the skills to make high effectively decisions and strategies, build a reputation for optimal results and teach you how to become a highly capable leader to your team and business.

Tailored Executive Coaching & Mentoring Programs

Learn the science, principles, skills and strategies of effective performance through a tailored executive coaching & mentoring program.

Navigating the challenges of building a successful business & career can be difficult if you don't know the principles, skills & strategies effective performance.  A tailored program of executive coaching, and mentoring will equip you with all the principles, skills and strategies that you need t know and to in order to thrive in business and career.

  • Become personally effective, capable of delivering better results more easily and efficiently
  • Learn how to communicate with influence
  • Learn how to master conflict resolution and relationship engagement
  • Develop confidence working with people no matter how senior or how difficult
  • Know how to form high performing teams that deliver superior outcomes
  • Learn how to be a highly effective, authentic, leader or manager

"Executive coaching and mentoring provides the answers to all the hard questions! Jim has a wealth of wisdom and an incredible way of projecting his thoughts and education onto me in a way that i could understand and follow. He is a personal resource I could not do without in my time of need. I absolutely recommend Jim to anyone in conflict with life’s challenges."
Craig Spence
National Relationship Manager at Consult Australia


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Become Personally Effective

Most of us weren't taught enough about how to be personally effective,  how to be confident and how to manage the challenges of career.  For many of us we have had to pick up ideas and skills and strategies along the way. That's why we developed the Executive Skill Set Framework.  In it you will find all the principles skills and strategies you need to adopt in order to become personally effective.

Build your confidence as you adopt the principles and develop the skills and strategies that enable you know how to be effective in any situation no matter how difficult.  Enjoy delivering better, faster, easier results with less stress and anxiety.

Working together

Thrive In Relationships & Build Highly Effective Teams

A lot of business professionals are effective but find themselves struggling with the problems of interpersonal politics, group cohesion, or simply having to deal with difficult people.  Sometime we don't know how to fit in and get the best results working with others.  By learning how relationships work, how to manage conflict, be noticed for good work, you will become confident working with all kinds of people no matter how difficult. Enjoy being a valued member of the team because you contribute high value, excellent work.  Develop high performing teams by developing a culture of positive performance throughout your organization.  Our exclusive Executive Skills & Performance program is a tailored program that will will show you how to thrive in relationships and build highly effective teams.

Enjoy Being an Effective Authentic Leader

Learn what highly effective authentic leadership is. Formulate strategies that work no matter how difficult the circumstances.  Know how to develop influence, authority and how to inspire engagement.  Inspire focus, engagement and commitment from your people.

Answers to all your questions about effective authentic leadership and management is available.

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