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How effective do you believe your company is at the moment? Is it performing as well as you’d like it to? Are you truly happy with how growth is headed?

Or do you think that key people in your organisation might be holding your business back from reaching its true potential? Are there conflicts and frictions that are causing delays in decision making and adding unnecessary stress. Is there a breakdown in relationships between your leaders and the their teams.

Well, if so you’re not alone. For a business to thrive, to grow and realise its full potential the leaders, who run the business have to find solutions to these and a whole range of other, personal and interpersonal effectiveness and performance problems that are common in organizations. If you can identify with one or more of these issues it’s time to consider effectiveness and performance coaching as a means to help you excel and your business grow.


Australia’s leading executive coaching company

Effectiveness and Performance coaching has long been the quickest way to help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your talent pool, opportunities for growth, and to take your company to the next level of profit. Top-tier companies employ effectiveness and performance coaches because they know it is the most efficient way to build a thriving business and career.


It is a well-known principle that the most efficient way to grow the performance capability of your company is to develop the performance and effectiveness capability of the people who run them. Don’t hire and fire your way to the perfect workforce. It’s far easier and less stressful to develop your talent.

We honestly believe we offer the ultimate in tailored effectiveness and performance coaching services for business owners, leaders, executives and high potential people. We believe, our programs are the best programs, currently be found anywhere in Australia. With more than 15 years spent working with business owners, senior leaders, executives and entrepreneurs, in companies across the country from small startups to large global businesses, Jim O’Connor has the know-how and practical experience to help bring about deep, meaningful change to your business. We can offer you outside perspective into the inner workings of your business and identify the perfect solution to stagnant growth. We do so by digging down into the most important asset your business has: its people, particularly its senior executives, leaders, and high potential people.


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The secret to your company’s success?





We believe the most effective way to grow performance of a company quickly and sustainably is to develop the effectiveness of the leaders and teams who run the business across 5 critical areas for performance improvement.  Personal, relationship, team, leader and cultural effectiveness.

Effectiveness and performance coaching can bring an array of benefits to your business with the aim of taking it to the next level. As an experienced business professional Jim O’Connor work with your key people, he will highlight any issues within your business, formulate effective solutions and then work with them until they deal with these issues and operate more efficiently in their role.


The great thing about our performance and effectiveness coaching courses is that they are 100% Tailored to you and your people. They will get what they need and much more than they expect,  so there is no waste in time and effort. We are with you every step of the way, and tailor all plans to your very individual needs. This allows us the unique opportunity to work together and grow your business or career in the right direction.

Our customized Optimal Performance Coaching programs are perfect for every business or career person who feels like they could do more but are being held back in key areas. We offer an array of courses within our program to help you develop your skills as a masterful leader, or build upon effective communication and team building skills. Customised programs make our coaching suitable for everyone.

Our programs will help your business enjoy results for years to come. Your business will grow and thrive in ways you never thought possible. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. The secret to every successful business (even those top-tier ones), is the performance development of its people through the strategic use of a effectiveness and performance development program.

Finding a package perfect for you

We offer a range of packages that can be tailored to suit the strengths and weaknesses of your people and business. From personalized one to one coaching for your high potential people, through small group/team development programs...


...to improve cohesion and cooperation through to department wide culture transformation programs and our flagship program Advanced Leadership, Mastering the Corporate Landscape. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach because every business is different. Instead, we believe that your program should be crafted to suit your business's needs. This is the only effective way to drive results!

We offer a range of courses that you may find beneficial. This includes our “Masterful Leadership” course, designed to equip the leaders of tomorrow with the tools necessary to help them achieve business success. Our “Executive Coaching and Training” is designed to provide your high talent people and senior managers with the easiest, quickest and most effective way to boost confidence, capability and performance. It teaches them how to deliver better, faster and more efficient results by mastering the the personal and interpersonal skill set.

Or perhaps you would benefit from our "Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills" course. This course is designed to enhance communication skills and influence both in-house and with clients. Masterful communications improves flow, clarity, engagement and avoids unnecessary conflicts.

To find out more about how we can design a program to suit your needs give us a call and lets discuss your situation.

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Why work with us?

In recent years, Jim and his team have become increasingly well recognised by leading Australian executives, as someone who is good at helping them get the best out of themselves and the people they lead.  He will work with you until you get the job done. Jim has more than a decade of practical experience working with business owners, entrepreneurs, career professional, executives and leaders from small to medium enterprises right through to large global organizations.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience you just can’t get anywhere else that will see you achieve both personal and professional success. Jim and the team really do know what they are talking about. Better yet, each one of our programs has been developed in-house and is based on this experience and is combined with current research into the field of optimizing performance of leaders and their teams in business.

Much of what we can do for your company cannot be found in a business manual. Instead, every package is tailored to the needs you have and is focused on bringing about long-term change. Our passion and enthusiasm is prevalent in everything we do and is the reason we achieve such lasting success, time and time again.

Effective Strategies for Complex problems.

Looking for coaching in the workplace? Discover more

No doubt you still have questions. Perhaps you’d like to find out more about pricing, or our availability in the coming months. Or maybe you’d like to dig down further into a certain package and what the structure would look like and how we would implement it in your business.


To contact Jim personally and to discover more about what’s on offer, simply get in contact today. Call our office on 9003 0920 and book a time to have a chat with Jim. He will listen to your circumstances and recommend a plan which you can take with you. There are no obligations to implement any of Jim’s recommendations. The worst case is you will come away with some good ideas about how to overcome your performance development challenges.


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Starting out in leadership and want help getting it right!

We're Here to Help You Master the Complete Leadership Skill Set When You're Starting Out.

  • Master the Leadership skill set
  • Learn how to be a highly effective leader or leadership team from the beginning
  • Build your leadership skill and strategies using a scientific approach
  • Achieve the best possible performance from yourself and your people with less stress and frustration
  • Enjoy more confidence, capability and effectiveness.
  • Know how to identify and overcome all the difficult leadership challenges.
  • Build a reputation for getting results and advance to a role you deserve.
  • Attract greater engagement, collaboration and cooperation from the people you lead.
  • Boost morale and engagement, reduce conflict, delays and confusion so your business can thrive.

The Leader Performance Master Class

Learn How to Navigate the Corporate Landscape Easily and Effectively

The leader performance master class, will teach you the simplest, quickest and most effective way to master leadership, maximize growth and performance, and navigate the corporate landscape, with less stress and waste in time money and effort


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The Optimal Performance Framework is Complete, Comprehensive and Effective

Develop a culture of optimal performance and maximize results by developing the capabilities of your leaders and teams across 5 critical

Personal Effectiveness

Relationship Cooperation


Leader Influence



Our Success Stories


We've helped leadership teams from start ups to global businesses across many industries, overcome complex problems effectively

We have worked with leaders and their teams from small start ups to large global businesses in banking, finance, arts, media, sport achieve greater success more easily by teaching them the science, psychology, and helping them master the skills and strategies of optimal performance. We have helped business owners, leaders, managers and their leadership groups become confident, capable and effective at maximizing growth and performance effectively with the least waste in time, money and effort. Using a top down inside out approach starting with the leadership group we help business maximize growth by growing a culture of optimal performance throughout their organization.

Weather we work one to one, small groups or across your organization we have helped hundreds of leaders and teams master the craft of leadership performance and deliver the kind of results that they have been looking for.

"Jim’s direct and honest approach was exactly what I needed. Jim’s knowledge and quick understanding of circumstances ensured I was able to achieve results quickly and long term. I still pop in to discuss progress and continue achieiving and it’s amazing the difference he can make."
Sarah Bennett APAC Sales and Finance Director MacAfee
"I and members of my team have been working with Jim O’Connor and the Leader Performance Master Class for over 3 years. Jim has helped me turn some of the most challenging relationships into mutually beneficial and effective ones. His self assessment tool helps people focus on key areas they need to develop. Jim’s knowledge of relationships and communication makes him a highly effective business leader coach who delivers positive outcomes."
David Bolderman National Sales Manager, Allure Media
“Jim O'Connor's mastery of his craft is such that he is able to identify the areas that each different individual needs to work upon (often before they have). This insight allows him to tailor his coaching to address the needs of each individual, while still delivering a consistent training curriculum to the group. I highly recommend the Leader Performance Master Class."
James Murphy VP JP Morgan

Case Studies

This was the problem. This is how we fixed it.

We helped a small start up hedge fund grow from 30 million in management to 330 million in 2 years by helping the leadership develop a culture of optimal performance throughout their team that enhanced engagement, improved performance and accelerated grwoth.

We began by interviewing the leadership team.  Assessing their strengths and weaknesses and then designing a competency based training program based on the results of their assessments.  We then taught them the science, psychology, skills and strategies of optimal performance that were most relevent to their needs.  We supported them as they implemented their strategy.

The performance of any company is dependent on the performance of the individuals who run the company, whether they hold Leadership positions or not.

We helped the senior management of a large media company identify and resolve confusion and conflict which had been preventing decisions from being made, causing stress and resentment, preventing productivity and seriously hurting the bottom line.

We did this first interviewing the leadership team, understanding and identifying the cause of their concerns then by teaching the science, psychology skills and strategies of optimal communication, conflict resolution and collaboration we were able to eliminate the conflict and confusion, improve cohesion and transform the ability of the leadership to collaborate

We designed and delivered an Executive Performance Master Class Series for leadership potential people in a large international merchant bank.  

The program helped the participants learn all they needed to know and do to achieve greater performance through enhanced collaboration, communication, problem solving and influencing strategies. 

The content of the programs were built on the science, psychology skills and strategies of optimal performance. 

The results were better than we had hoped.  Participants improved across all 5 critical performance areas and become more confident, more capable and more effective at delivering better, faster, more efficient results with less stress and waste in time,  money and effort.


If you want to overcome obstacles to growing a thriving successful business give us a call

If you want to realize your businesses full potential,  if you want to develop a culture of optimal performance so your business can grow and thrive you need to develop the personal effectiveness, relationship cooperation, team cohesion, leader influence of the people who run the business using a targeted, easy to implement process.  That is the complete optimal performance process.  If you'd like to find out more call now and lets chat.

If you want to become confident capable and highly effective without losing your soul to the corporate machine we can teach you how.  if you want to know what to do and how to do it in every situation we can we can teach you how. Great leaders know how to get the best out of themselves and the people they lead because they understand people and performance and how to get the best out of their teams and the people they lead.  If you want to know how to deliver better faster easier results with less stress in time, money and effort we can show you how.

If you want to become a confident, capable, highly effective leader who develops a reputation for delivering results give us a call


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