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We're all about Helping Your Leadership Grow Thriving Businesses by Optimizing Performance

We help leadership teams optimize performance so they can build thriving, successful businesses. We help them identify, understand and overcome the problems that drive performance down. We also work with them to put in place the principles and strategies that drive performance up. Our programs are practical and immediately applicable. They are built on the science, psychology, skills and strategies in the field of performance optimization, so you can trust they work. If you want to master leadership and build a culture of optimal performance throughout your team we will help you.


We Develop Highly Capable & Effective Leadership Teams

We work with leaders and their teams and help them identify, understand and overcome the problems that drive performance down. At the same time we work with them to design, implement and develop the strategies that drive performance up


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No matter what your challenges, a solution can be designed for you by following 4 simple steps





1. Identify strengths and weaknesses in 5 critical areas of leadership performance

Personal effectiveness, Relationship cooperation, Team cohesion, Leader Influence, 
Cultural development

2. Target key problems and customize solutions for maximum effect

3. Implement strategies in the most effective and least disruptive way

4. Monitor and adapt strategy to enhance results

We Work With Established Leaders Helping them Solve Complex Performance and Culture Problems

We help established leaders identify, understand and overcome the complex challenges they face every day skillfully and with less stress, conflict and waste in time, money and effort.


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Get the help you need to overcome difficult challenges, and implement effective strategies that transform the culture and the way you do business.

  • Identify, understanding and overcome the challenges you face everyday.
  • Learn how to design, implement and develop strategies that drive performance up.
  • Eliminate unnecessary conflict and obstacles to cohesion.
  • Optimize decision making, tempo, synchronicity and flow.
  • Build culture, morale, and engagement.
  • Transform your business culture from sluggish to thriving
  • Become influential, authoritative and effective as a leader and as a leadership group.
  • Learn how to navigate  the corporate landscape successfully.
  • Build a brand for getting results?
  • Bring your leadership group together as a cohesive, focused team

Effective Strategies for Complex problems.

We Help Emerging Leaders Become Highly Capable and Effective

We teach emerging leaders and leadership groups all they need to learn to become the most confident, capable and effective leaders they can be.


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Starting out in leadership and want help getting it right!

We're Here to Help You Master the Complete Leadership Skill Set When You're Starting Out.

  • Master the Leadership skill set
  • Learn how to be a highly effective leader or leadership team from the beginning
  • Build your leadership skill and strategies using a scientific approach
  • Achieve the best possible performance from yourself and your people with less stress and frustration
  • Enjoy more confidence, capability and effectiveness.
  • Know how to identify and overcome all the difficult leadership challenges.
  • Build a reputation for getting results and advance to a role you deserve.
  • Attract greater engagement, collaboration and cooperation from the people you lead.
  • Boost morale and engagement, reduce conflict, delays and confusion so your business can thrive.

The Leader Performance Master Class

The leader performance master class, will teach you the simplest, quickest and most effective way to master leadership, maximize growth and performance with less stress and waste in time money and effort


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The Optimal Performance Framework is Complete, Comprehensive and Effective

Develop a culture of optimal performance and maximize results by developing the capabilities of your leaders and teams across 5 critical

Personal Effectiveness

Relationship Cooperation


Leader Influence



Our Success Stories


We've helped leadership teams from start ups to global businesses across many industries, overcome complex problems effectively

We have worked with leaders and their teams from small start ups to large global businesses in banking, finance, arts, media, sport achieve greater success more easily by teaching them the science, psychology, and helping them master the skills and strategies of optimal performance. We have helped business owners, leaders, managers and their leadership groups become confident, capable and effective at maximizing growth and performance effectively with the least waste in time, money and effort. Using a top down inside out approach starting with the leadership group we help business maximize growth by growing a culture of optimal performance throughout their organization.

Weather we work one to one, small groups or across your organization we have helped hundreds of leaders and teams master the craft of leadership performance and deliver the kind of results that they have been looking for.

"Jim’s direct and honest approach was exactly what I needed. Jim’s knowledge and quick understanding of circumstances ensured I was able to achieve results quickly and long term. I still pop in to discuss progress and continue achieiving and it’s amazing the difference he can make."
Sarah Bennett APAC Sales and Finance Director MacAfee
"I and members of my team have been working with Jim O’Connor and the Leader Performance Master Class for over 3 years. Jim has helped me turn some of the most challenging relationships into mutually beneficial and effective ones. His self assessment tool helps people focus on key areas they need to develop. Jim’s knowledge of relationships and communication makes him a highly effective business leader coach who delivers positive outcomes."
David Bolderman National Sales Manager, Allure Media
“Jim O'Connor's mastery of his craft is such that he is able to identify the areas that each different individual needs to work upon (often before they have). This insight allows him to tailor his coaching to address the needs of each individual, while still delivering a consistent training curriculum to the group. I highly recommend the Leader Performance Master Class."
James Murphy VP JP Morgan

Case Studies

This was the problem. This is how we fixed it.

We helped a small start up hedge fund grow from 30 million in management to 330 million in 2 years by helping the leadership develop a culture of optimal performance throughout their team that enhanced engagement, improved performance and accelerated grwoth.

We began by interviewing the leadership team.  Assessing their strengths and weaknesses and then designing a competency based training program based on the results of their assessments.  We then taught them the science, psychology, skills and strategies of optimal performance that were most relevent to their needs.  We supported them as they implemented their strategy.

The performance of any company is dependent on the performance of the individuals who run the company, whether they hold Leadership positions or not.

We helped the senior management of a large media company identify and resolve confusion and conflict which had been preventing decisions from being made, causing stress and resentment, preventing productivity and seriously hurting the bottom line.

We did this first interviewing the leadership team, understanding and identifying the cause of their concerns then by teaching the science, psychology skills and strategies of optimal communication, conflict resolution and collaboration we were able to eliminate the conflict and confusion, improve cohesion and transform the ability of the leadership to collaborate

We designed and delivered an Executive Performance Master Class Series for leadership potential people in a large international merchant bank.  

The program helped the participants learn all they needed to know and do to achieve greater performance through enhanced collaboration, communication, problem solving and influencing strategies. 

The content of the programs were built on the science, psychology skills and strategies of optimal performance. 

The results were better than we had hoped.  Participants improved across all 5 critical performance areas and become more confident, more capable and more effective at delivering better, faster, more efficient results with less stress and waste in time,  money and effort.


If you want to overcome obstacles to growing a thriving successful business give us a call

If you want to realize your businesses full potential,  if you want to develop a culture of optimal performance so your business can grow and thrive you need to develop the personal effectiveness, relationship cooperation, team cohesion, leader influence of the people who run the business using a targeted, easy to implement process.  That is the complete optimal performance process.  If you'd like to find out more call now and lets chat.

If you want to become confident capable and highly effective without losing your soul to the corporate machine we can teach you how.  if you want to know what to do and how to do it in every situation we can we can teach you how. Great leaders know how to get the best out of themselves and the people they lead because they understand people and performance and how to get the best out of their teams and the people they lead.  If you want to know how to deliver better faster easier results with less stress in time, money and effort we can show you how.

If you want to become a confident, capable, highly effective leader who develops a reputation for delivering results give us a call


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