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I and members of my team have been working with Jim O’Connor for over 3 years. Jim has helped me turn some of the most challenging relationships into mutually beneficial and effective ones. His self assessment tool helps people focus on key areas they need to develop. Jim’s knowledge of relationships and communication makes him a highly effective business coach who delivers positive outcomes.


David Boldeman National Sales Manager, Allure Media

"I'm getting a great deal of value from Jim's executive coaching, a lot of which I didn't initially expect. What I mean is I'm noticing how our sessions are beginning to transform how I think about work and what I do there for the better. I expected to learn a bunch of tips and tricks about motivating myself and others. Some of that's true but it's been more about getting a clearer sight on what qualities make someone an effective leader and growing into that via a test and learn approach with Jim's guidance along the way. I also realise now how rare those qualities actually are, even for those thag perhaps wrongly already consider themselves to have them. Importantly, now seeing what an effective leader is, there's a much clearer path ahead of me to becoming one. That learning alone is invaluable."

David Wall Director, Pixel Academy

Jim is the Answer to all the hard questions! Jim has a wealth of wisdom and an incredible way of projecting his thoughts and education onto me in a way that i could understand and follow. He is a personal resource I could not do without. I absolutely recommend Jim to anyone.

Craig Spence National Relationship Manager at Consult Australia

Jim’s direct and honest approach was exactly what I needed. Jim’s knowledge and quick understanding of circumstances ensured I was able to achieve results quickly and long term. Every now and I then I pop back to see Jim to to discuss progress and achievement and it’s amazing the difference he can make.

Sarah Bennett APAC Sales Finance Director

I have worked with Jim on a number of projects and have found him to be an excellent leadership coach. Clear and insightful, his advise is structured, relevant and respectfully delivered. He doesn't give fluffy-duck advice- if you're serious about understanding and applying leadership, he will walk you through the mechanisms that are most effective.

Anna Marie-Yip Change Analyst PCEHR at NEHTA
We all need a coach. The major problem it solved for me was that because I was self employed my professional circumstances lacked a feedback loop. In my conversations with Jim we talked about career planning and objectives: we set goals, and developed strategies for seeking professional fulfilment, embracing uncertainty, and ensuring continuity. We also explored specific professional challenges and worked through solutions, and on the side we allocated some time toward the development of a passion for personal projects that might some day supplant the day job. It was an enjoyable and rewarding journey, and I feel it greatly enhanced my personal and professional effectiveness.
Rory Brennan Senior Solutions Principal, RSA

Jim was excellent in sales and business coaching, bringing a unique aspect of human psychology to the understanding of the sales relationship process. I highly recommend him and would use him again.

Marcus Obermeder Private Client Advisor at Ord Minnett

I’ve been a regular client of Jim’s since 2010 and have come to rely on his no-nonsense and straight talking delivery to help with both my business and personal development.

I have not had an occasion where he hasn’t provided clear and concise advice or worked with me to solve a particularly vexing problem, thus enabling me to tackle ever more complex situations or to open up my mind up to new ways of doing things.

I personally thrive under Jim’s direct manner and often wonder if he’s like this with all his clients, or has he just identified that this is the most efficient way to communicate with me? It’s irrelevant really, because it just shows his innate ability to do his job and to do it with maximum impact. With Jim, you’ll never get ‘told the answer’, but you will be taken on a journey where you’ll ‘magically’ discover the answer yourself….

I trust his judgement and take in everything he says….I tend to think that this is high praise considering the length of time I’ve known him. You really do get out what you put in with him.

If you are looking for someone who has been there, seen and done it (and is still doing it) then I would highly recommend you take up his services

Oliver Spiers Director, BlackOcean Recruitment - Quantitative Analytics & Risk Specialist

Jim has been working as my professional business coach and mentor for several months now. Jim has helped me work on a wide range of personal skills, but specifically:

  • Thinking more creatively
  • Better understanding and managing people
  • Effective Influence
  • Effective Problem Solving
  • Effective Communication

I cannot recommend Jim highly enough. Go on, give Jim a go!

Andy Rootes ANZ Channels Manager