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All great businesses & careers are driven by effective, authentic, masterful leaders.  Nothing else will do!

Master the Leadership Skill Set So You Can Achieve Maximum Business & Career Success

Personal Effectiveness

  • Confidence & composure under pressure because you know what to do and how to do it?
  • Excellence in judgement and critical thinking & decision making
  • The ability to create better, easier, more efficient results, by optimizing your resources
  • The capability to solve complex problems and create effective strategies
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Relationship Engagement

  • The ability to form complementary relationships with a diverse range of people
  • Positive engagement with people regardless of how difficult they may be
  • The ability to effectively solve conflict and create mutually beneficial solutions
  • The ability to understand and work with and influence colleagues
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Team Building & Development

  • The ability to structure your team for maximum effect
  • An understanding of how to develop a cohesive sense of team
  • The ability to identify areas for development in order to create high performance
  • Confidence in establishing effective teamwork through cohesive systems

Leadership Influence

  • An ability to envision outcomes and formulate an effective plan
  • Confidence in your capacity to communicate with influence
  • Capability at solving complex problems and creating effective solutions
  • An ability to adapt, inspire, direct and organize the efforts of the people who follow your lead
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Comprehensive, Personalized Leadership Development Solutions

Cut through the confusion around leadership.  Become confident & certain as you learn how to inspire engagement, develop highly effective teams & and a culture of optimal performance within your business that drives the best possible results.

Being a highly effective and authentic leader is a master's craft.  A personalized leadership Development program that built on the four critical areas of leadership effectiveness will enable you to eliminate the confusion, cut through the resistance and develop the kind of influence that you need for your business and career to be completely successful.

Eliminate any confusion and uncertainty about your leadership & learn how to maximize results

What People Say

"I have worked with Jim on a number of projects and have found him to be an excellent leadership coach. Clear and insightful, his advise is structured, relevant and respectfully delivered. He doesn't give fluffy-duck advice- if you're serious about understanding and applying leadership, he will walk you through the mechanisms that are most effective"

Anna Marie-Yip
Change Analyst

"Jim is the Answer to all the hard questions! Jim has a wealth of wisdom and an incredible way of projecting his thoughts and education onto me in a way that i could understand and follow. He is a personal resource I could not do without. I absolutely recommend Jim to anyone."

Craig Spence
National Relationship Manager
Consult Australia

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