Master Your Craft


The keys to creating personal and professional success without losing your soul to the corporate machine.


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to thrive in life and career while others struggle?  Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to inspire engagement from their colleagues and staff while others can’t get the slightest bit of attention?  Have you ever asked yourself how do I fix a problem only to find yourself becoming overwhelmed, while someone else seems to revel in the situation?

You could be forgiven if you think that the solutions to these everyday situations are simply the result of talent or hard work.  The truth however is much more intriguing.  The short answer to these questions is pedestrian enough, people who thrive have the frameworks of understanding, strategies, instinct and skillful practices that support getting the most out of the situation.

Yes it is true that some people are gifted with more talent than others making understanding, skill and instinct much easier.  Talented people may make better decisions and chose more effective strategies in situations suited to their talents.  However talent alone isn’t enough,  talented people are often getting themselves in over their head because of an excessive reliance on innate ability.  Talented people will often find themselves narrowing their life experiences and career choices to suit their talents because they are uncomfortable stepping outside their comfort zones.  No, talent alone doesn’t explain why some people thrive.  Many extremely talented people fail to flourish in life and career.

It is also true that you will often find yourself in very difficult, unfair situations that are hard to overcome.  I’ve worked with many executives and business professionals over the years and none have achieved success without some level of hardship.  It is unwise to expect to enjoy fair weather throughout the entirety of your life.  I’ve worked with people who have had extremely difficult starts in life and who have achieved great things despite their difficult beginnings.


It doesn’t really matter whether you are talented or not so talented, or if your situation is difficult or easy. What matters as you strive to get the best out of your life and career  is that you understand the frameworks of beliefs and that you master the repertoire of strategies that enhance your effectiveness, make your career and personal life fulfilling and that you commitment to practice until you develop an instinct for best decisions and effective practices?

In simple terms you have to have a set of beliefs and strategies that support your effectiveness.  That’s what this blog is about.   The practice bit is up to you.  This blog is about providing a thought provoking service that helps you learn the beliefs and strategies that make your efforts more effective and more fulfilling.  I also want you to understand something that I believe is often overlooked.  Masters do things better and more easily and effectively.  Yes that’s right.  The more masterful your skills the easier it all gets.  But you don’t want to master just anything you want to master the superior principles, skills and strategies of effectiveness.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to get inside the heads of executives from some of the smallest and some of the biggest organizations in the world. Over that time I have come to understand the problems and challenges that they face every day.


I’ve sometimes asked the people I work with what is the secret to success in life and career? The following is my paraphrasing of some of the more common responses.  I think you will find them interesting.

“The trick to success is to do your job well, collect your pay and focus on work life balance.  Isn’t it?  That’s the secret to career is. Isn’t it?”

“And life” I asked?

No response.

“It’s all about fierce determination, putting your nose to the grindstone and bashing over any obstacles that get in your way.  That’s the secret?

“Kind of a brute force strategy” I replied?

“Yes? Don’t take no for an answer!”

“What’s the cost of this type of strategy do you think??????” I asked.

No response.

“It’s complicated, yes you have to do your job well, but you have to work smarter, not harder, you have to be strategic,  that’s how you enjoy life and career”.

“And how do you do that?”  I inquired.

No response

Many of the executives I have worked with over the years had the above answers while others didn’t have any answer at all.

Which is the right answer do you think?  Take a minute and think about how you’ve achieved your success, ask yourself if you are fulfilled as well as successful.  How do you do both?

The truth is that under different circumstances each of these beliefs and strategies could work.  But none of them are enough on their own to get the best out of all of the circumstances executives find themselves in every day.  Why?  There are too many variables.

The simple reality is the pathway to success is complicated, but it’s not beyond anyone with a commitment to getting the most out of life career.  The truth is there are a wide range of skills that you need to master in order to navigate your way to a fulfilling and rewarding career and personal life.

You need to be able to enhance your capabilities by committing to personal professional development in three main areas.   You need to master your own effectiveness if you are going to be personally effective, you need to master your interpersonal skills if you are going to work in teams or develop teams, you must learn how to master the craft of organizing the resources of yourself and others if you are ever going to become an influential leader.


But none of these matter in and of themselves if they aren’t founded on the right intentions.  If these areas of skill are not founded on a simple intention it can all be for nought.  You may well gain the world but lose your soul in the process.  I don’t want to sound too theatrical but think about it.  What’s the good of all your achievements if you aren’t fulfilled from all your efforts.  Now don’t panic.  I am not going to ask you to drop out of the corporate world and become a tree hugger.  How boring would that be.  The thing is you can be successful and fulfilled but to achieve this nirvana of success you need to begin with getting your intentions right from the start.  They will become the founding principle upon which you base all your decisions.


So what is a good start when it comes to setting the right intentions. Think of intentions as the heart of your mission in any endeavour.   It is the why of your mission statement.  So what is a good intention to start this whole personal and professional success thing off with.

Think about your intention as your personal and professional mission statement.  The foundation of every decision, action and strategy that comes after.  Let me get the ball rolling for you.  Your ability to successfully navigate your way to personal and professional success “WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SOUL TO THE CORPORATE MACHINE” depends on your intention to do so in the most fulfilling way possible. The journey to personal and professional success BEGINS WHEN YOU INTEND TO SUCCEED IN THE MOST FULFILLING WAY POSSIBLE?  Think about it what’s success without fulfilment? Is it really success?

Ask yourself.  Do you do what you do in the most fulfilling and effective way or do you just do what you do the way you do it because it’s the only way you know?  The answer to these questions will set in motion the beginnings of your future.

Just something to think about.